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Effective Treatment for Chronic Fatigue, M.E & Adrenal Fatigue with Alternative Methods

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Are you are struggling with Chronic Fatigue, M.E or Fibromyalgia? Perhaps you've tried lots of treatments and solutions, but nothing has worked. Maybe you'd like to try an alternative or holistic approach... 

You have definitely come to the right place.

My approach could be right for you if...
  • You have Chronic Fatigue, M.E, Fibromyalgia or Adrenal Fatigue (you’re not alone)
  • You have already tried other solutions and treatments (you’ve probably tried them all) but nothing has worked
  • You are open to the notion that your condition might really be about unresolved stress, trauma and negative emotions
  • You’re willing to trying a new, alternative approach (even if you don’t understand quite how it works or is possible yet)

If so, I imagine that you want to...
  • Alleviate symptoms and hopefully recover (rather than just ‘cope’)
  • Learn simple, effective D.I.Y healing techniques to help manage your health and wellness
  • Discover & resolve the original cause of your condition to safeguard you from its return
  • Embark on a journey of deep healing, personal growth and emotional expression with gentleness and understanding
  • Build a life full of vibrancy and purpose to enjoyably integrate back into

Hi, I'm Kelly
Founder of The Life Clinic 

Kelly Ashley EFT Tapping

I've been helping others like you since recovering from Chronic Fatigue myself 8 years ago. It’s been deeply rewarding to heal, comfort and empower others who shared my experience, and I passionately do all that I can to help.

My goal is simple: to help you to alleviate your symptoms (and possibly recover) and equip you with the knowledge and skills to heal yourself - so that the work we do together will benefit you for a lifetime. 

I'm deeply passionate about helping people like you to recover because I was once exactly where you are now...

My Recovery from Chronic Fatigue/ M.E

For three years I battled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - begging doctors to fix me, enduring a battery of tests (which were always inconclusive), trying all sorts of treatments, supplements and techniques (which never worked on me) until I had just about given up hope. I wondered if it really was 'incurable' and feared I'd be stuck in my wheelchair forever.

Luckily, I finally came across a solution that helped me fully recover. It empowered me. It gave me the tools to heal myself, on my terms and at my own pace. It also helped me deal with a lot of the emotions that often overwhelmed me as a result of everything I'd been through. It took time and dedication, but I worked a little everyday, and within four months I had improved so much that I was finally able to do the normal, everyday things that everyone else took for granted - without fearing any debilitating consequences. It was a powerful experience in my life to see the link between physical and emotional health; so much so that it became my purpose and passion in life - one that 8 years later, still brings me great joy and excitement. If you'd like to know more about my healing journey click here.

So, Whats the Secret to Recovery?

I believe that the secret is to resolve key emotional issues and traumas that caused the body to burn out in the first place (sometimes we're not even fully aware of them or the effect they had). By releasing the stress and resolving any old traumas, I've found that the body often comes out of its heightened stress response and can calm and return to normal. 

Think of it this way - imagine that the intensity of all of the stressful and emotional experiences you've ever had was put into bags that you have to carry around for the rest of your life. It costs precious energy and effort to take them with you wherever you go. The baggage weighs you down and holds you back - and the bags get added to as you experience more stress and negative emotions. It puts massive strain on your body, causing tiny steps to feel exhausting, draining and strenuous. I help you to get rid of those bags so that you can be light, free and happy again (or at least make the steps feel a little easier).

How Do I Do It?

Think of my approach like a cross between Eastern and Western medicine - so you get the best of both worlds. I use techniques that blend energy healing and psychology. The psychological aspect helps us to uncover unresolved emotional issues, stress and trauma, and the energy healing helps us heal, release and relax in a gentle but effective way. I feel that it's this key component of combining Eastern and Western medicine that helps us cover all aspects, and in turn creates more effective and permanent results.

Sessions typically begin by us discussing the problem that you are facing. I'll ask some questions designed to help us find the root of the problem, and I'll usually address that with some gentle but effective healing techniques. Depending on what you need, I'll either perform the healing for you energetically, or guide you step by step through applying it yourself, so that you find relief and are also learning valuable skills in the process.

My clients are often amazed at how some simple, self applied techniques can have such a dramatic effect on stubborn or intense symptoms. We're often both delightfully surprised at how releasing just one or two 'bags' of this depleting weight can create healing in other unrelated areas as well. 

An Example From A Client

Pauline came to me with Chronic Fatigue/ M.E. She was finding it hard to maintain energy throughout the day and was often bed bound. Through some talks and digging together, I noticed that she was a naturally giving and attentive person. She was always putting others before herself, no matter how unwell she was, and this led to often feeling emotionally and physically drained.

I did healing for her over Skype to help resolve these issues, and taught her some techniques to continue treating herself in between our sessions too. After a few sessions, she began to feel much better - so much so that after resolving Chronic Fatigue, we moved on to treat another condition that she had called Polycythaemia (a blood disorder) and we were both astounded at the results.

Here is what Pauline had to say:

'Hi Kelly,

Your sessions really got things moving and cleared out lots of rubbish that had been causing my problems, thank you again. 

Also, I had my visit to the hematology clinic last week and the consultant looked a bit bemused and did not quite know what to say! My red blood cell count was normal at my last visit so that surprised him anyway, but this time my platelet count had come down to normal too! Poor man was quite speechless. I don't think it usually happens that the blood count returns to normal without drugs. Well done and thank you very much for that - amazing results.'
Pauline H

What Services Do I Provide?

I offer gentle, hour long therapy sessions online and an Ebook recovery program so that you can choose what best suits you. I've also got lots of free stuff available for you too.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

I would advise 6 sessions. In 6 sessions I can treat and resolve some of the key contributors to your condition, while teaching you some self healing techniques in the process. 

This means that when we're done, you can carry on treating yourself without being locked into long term therapy or financial pressures. Of course, you can still choose one session at a time, or a top up if you need my help - whatever feels right for you is the best way forward.

Free, No Obligation Email Consultation

Want to check out what I do in a totally no-pressure way? A free email consultation gives us a chance to connect and see if we'd be a good fit to work together. It helps me understand you and your current condition better, and allows you to ask questions too. Click here for a free, no obligation email consultation.

Thanks for Visiting!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. Take some time to wander around the site and see if what I do feels like a fit for you - I hope to connect with you soon. Feel free to drop me a message with questions or comments any time.


Kelly x